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Feb 26 2016

New album

Feb 21 2016

I’ll be your man

I’ll be your man ⚡️ #bojangles #blackkeys

Ett filmklipp publicerat av Gunnar Bark ⚡️ (@gunnarbark)

In all this grinding of our own songs we had to break off with something else.

Jan 7 2016

Back on track


A year ago, we released our first single. Now, we have worked a whole year with a bunch of new songs. Soon, we hit the studio and then there’s no turning back. The members of the band has changed during this year. Now we are only three. Zane on vocals and guitar, Tommy on bass and Bark on drums.

Stay tuned and rock on! /Bojangles

Bojangles LIVE

Thanks Karlstad we had a blast!

Next gig is in Örebro, Sweden on 13 March.

No Place To GoRecorded and mixed by Olle Edberg.

Photo to the single cover is taken by Sara Westlindh.

Listen to No Place to Go on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play or here on the site.